One MSI Wind reviewed, another goes back

Msi_windI know for a fact that Kevin is still loving his MSI Wind with that delicious keyboard and 6-cell battery.  He uses it constantly and has told me more than once he is so happy he bought it (enough of that already Kevin).  He talked it up so much that fellow podcaster Matt Miller picked one up and he’s published a nice review of it.  Matt commutes by plane, train and balloon and the Wind should provide him some good mobile usage every day.  Matt is also enamored of that roomy keyboard on the Wind, something that everyone who plays with one is first to comment. Matt also has some future plans for his Wind:

In addition to the great display and functional keyboard, anotherreason I purchased this device over all of the other netbooks found onthe market is that I can install Mac OS X on it and with the newwireless card found in the device even WiFi works without anyreplacement. I will be upgrading my RAM to 2GB, this may void yourwarranty, and setting my Wind up as a dual boot (Windows XP and Mac OSX) device that should become my new mobile computer.

Another blogger who picked up a Wind is returning it even though he loved the device.  Dave Winer is a big believer in the netbook form factor and was really looking forward to the Wind.  He loved the Wind but apparently it didn’t love his Airport Extreme and knocked it down every time he used the Wind.  I haven’t heard anyone else who has that problem but I have seen other devices have that same effect.  Dave is returning his Wind and using an EEE PC until he finds another model that floats his boat.  Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Wind?

UPDATE: It seems that Dave is going to hang onto the Wind for a while longer.  He’s going to try a different router to see if that works.

UPDATE #2:  Today Dave sent the Wind back after all.  He hooked up a new router and the Wind knocked it down too so he’s given up wasting time trying to figure it out.


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