One MSI Wind reviewed, another goes back


Msi_windI know for a fact that Kevin is still loving his MSI Wind with that delicious keyboard and 6-cell battery.  He uses it constantly and has told me more than once he is so happy he bought it (enough of that already Kevin).  He talked it up so much that fellow podcaster Matt Miller picked one up and he’s published a nice review of it.  Matt commutes by plane, train and balloon and the Wind should provide him some good mobile usage every day.  Matt is also enamored of that roomy keyboard on the Wind, something that everyone who plays with one is first to comment. Matt also has some future plans for his Wind:

In addition to the great display and functional keyboard, anotherreason I purchased this device over all of the other netbooks found onthe market is that I can install Mac OS X on it and with the newwireless card found in the device even WiFi works without anyreplacement. I will be upgrading my RAM to 2GB, this may void yourwarranty, and setting my Wind up as a dual boot (Windows XP and Mac OSX) device that should become my new mobile computer.

Another blogger who picked up a Wind is returning it even though he loved the device.  Dave Winer is a big believer in the netbook form factor and was really looking forward to the Wind.  He loved the Wind but apparently it didn’t love his Airport Extreme and knocked it down every time he used the Wind.  I haven’t heard anyone else who has that problem but I have seen other devices have that same effect.  Dave is returning his Wind and using an EEE PC until he finds another model that floats his boat.  Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Wind?

UPDATE: It seems that Dave is going to hang onto the Wind for a while longer.  He’s going to try a different router to see if that works.

UPDATE #2:  Today Dave sent the Wind back after all.  He hooked up a new router and the Wind knocked it down too so he’s given up wasting time trying to figure it out.


Wilfred Springer

I had the same problem with the MSI bringing the Airport Extreme down on his knees. I ended up hooking up another wireless access point (Lynksys) for the MSI specifically. It sucks, but the real sucker is the Airport Extreme. It must be one of the most expensive wireless routers out there; can’t believe it’s so crappy.


Damn, new Wind has OSX xompetible wifi card too? Us early adopters always get screwed! I even paid 100 dollar more a few months ago. Sigh*

Cody B

Opening the Wind up does not void your warranty. MSI will send you another sticker if you want one. It was all over the web that MSI changed the policy. Before I put another GB of RAM in my Wind I called MSI. They guy said it was no problem and asked if I wanted a new sticker.

Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo)

I had the exact same problem that Dave mentioned when I was testing the Wibrain B1 UMPC device out last year. It kept shutting down my WiFi router and was a major pain so I couldn’t even use it and before this I was actually considering purchasing one.

I had issues trying to get Mac OS X on mine last night and need to restart again with a start at cleaning up the partitions.

Kevin Lim

Oh, and I’ve not experienced any problems with the wifi on the MSI Wind, though I did get the 802.11n version, so I’m not sure if it performs better than the standard 802.11 version.

Kevin Lim

James, I recently did a video iChat with two other netbook owners. While I had my “mac-ified” MSI Wind, Ben has an Asus Eee 901 while Preetam had an Acer Aspire One. We each loved our machines for specific reasons.

I loved mine for the general hardware design (nice keyboard) and ability to run Mac OSX fairly easily (dual boot with XP).

Ben loved his for the price as the Eee PC 901 ran fairly cheap in Singapore and how Ubuntu fit his needs.

Preetam comes in-between us for his love of the Aspire One’s slick hardware design (sans the side trackpad buttons) and middle of the range pricing.

You can watch us show off our netbooks and talk about the hacks we’ve done here:


Got the Wind for my wife with 2gb, 6-cell battery, and 120MB. Installed a few apps and had a problem updating to IE7 (it comes with 6). Then I got a “I can see the WiFi but I can’t attach to it” error as well as a couple of other flaky moments.

Killed their install (they give you 2 partitions) and reinstalled in ONE partition from their image (XP and drivers included in Wind package) killing all the bloatware. Got all the updates from Microsoft, installed Ghost, Office 2007 (with Classic Menu – yahoo!), BitDefender Antivirus, FireFox, and the last thing I did is update IE to 7. I made sure the .NET 2.0 hotfix got down ok (very slow, watch the blinking blue hard drive light, you are getting very sleepy). Powered down the COMCAST hardware and WiFi router. Powered everything back up – solid as a rock since then (about 2 weeks).

Over all impressions about the Wind. I really like it – it’s pretty snappy. It’s great for my wife, looking around the internet, and light office stuff. The keyboard takes a little getting used to (mostly they changed where the control key is on my left hand). The screen is very nice. Haven’t tested the battery life yet but it says it will get about 5.5 hours with reasonable power settings (including WiFi – but you know how this kind of thing goes). Suspends and hybernates like a champ. .

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