New SSD, flash memory products from Super Talent

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85ssdSuper Talent dropped not one, but two new product announcements in the last day or so and both have to do with Solid State Drive technology. It seems to be picking up steam which is right in line with my thought that SSD would really hit the mainstream in 2009. We have to get through the rest of 2008 first, so what’s on tap right now?

Itty-bitty hard drive replacements for starters. Super Talent leveraged the Intel Z-P140 SSD, a Single Level Cell solution, to create .85- and 1-inch drives. Now that’s small… so small that don’t think I have a device that can use them! They range in capacity from 2- to 8GB and use a PATA interface with Zero Insertion Force connector.

If you want more capacity and don’t want to crack open a device, Super Talent’s new 64GB USB Luxio drive might intrigue you. Although it’s a decent amount of capacity, the drive itself is small, measuring in at 21x76x10mm. I guess Luxio is to be equated with luxury since the drive is packaged in "an elegant gift box" and "includes a custom made black leather carrying case." In other words, I expect to see these in the Grammy Award gift bags next year. The Luxio line offers drives in 16- and 32-GB capacity in addition to the 64GB unit and they start at $149.


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