MIU’s two-CPU handheld replaces 13 devices?



Could the third time be a charm for MIU and their Hybrid Dual Portable Computer? The latest device iteration follows the two before it and neither of those truly panned out. Perhaps the time is right for a fully converged handheld with two processors and two screens?

Yup, the HDPC has an ARM CPU for handling phone capabilities and other light functions on the WindowsCE side. But there’s an Intel Atom that was dropped in place of a VIA CPU to handle Windows XP. We’ve seen that handheld-computing model before and while it sounded great on paper, it never became a widespread reality.

I do like the two-screen concept though. On the outside is a QVGA AMOLED panel that flips up to reveal a QWERTY keypad and a larger WVGA screen. For the record: MIU has leap-frogged the wireless industry based on the claim that this is a 5G device. Take that 3G handset owners! Even better: based on this chart from the product page, this single product replaces thirteen other devices you might have around the house. Such a deal, no?




I have been waiting for this since the vaporware DualCor that was supposed to run WM and XP. Give it to me. I want it NOW!

I currently use an HTC Advantage and it is almost perfect, but it would be nice to have my husband stop making comments about it not being a “real” phone.

John in Norway

I like the idea but I’m a bit unsure how easy that keyboard is to thumb type on.


I’d probably get this. I’m not so sure about all the screen flipping action, and i’d rather just have a dual-touch screen clam-shell, but I’m certainly on board for the all-in-one mobile solution.

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