Cheap mobile internet while traveling


Traveling abroad can often be a mixed bag when it comes to Internet connectivity.  You either can’t find it at all or more likely it will cost you an arm and a leg.  Nigel over at the Red Ferret has been traveling this summer and compiled some tried and true methods for getting cheap mobile connectivity.  He seems to recommend pre-paid data SIMs where you can get them but you should check out his article to see how he did it.




Pay-as-you-go mobile broadband could be a cheaper option than a monthly contract if you only plan to use your mobile dongle for a few days in a month, such as when you travel.

Both T-Mobile and 3 Mobile have PAYG dongle offers which allow you to pre-pay for download allowance as and when you need it; in a similar way to ‘top up’ mobile phone minutes. Once you’ve registered your credit card, you can top up your credit as often as you like.


3 Hutchinson allow global data/voice roaming on international 3 networks for no extra cost. Everything comes out of your contract allowance which is pretty cool.

My partner is currently in Australia and I can call her from the UK for no extra charge because we are both on 3 and they have networks in both countries. When I’m in Australia I can connect to the internet through my phone or a USB modem and it doesn’t cost me any more than if I was back home in London. Now if all networks were that generous you could get real glbal roaming everywhere with no price limitations.


@Oliver: Yes in a nutshell. :-) Although you’ll have to be prepared to argue/negotiate/convince them to find the deal sometimes (in my limited experience anyway). This is because most local mobile phone shops are really rather simple affairs, and more used to selling a handset or a SIM.


So in short, by an unlocked gsm 3g modem and then try to find a reasonably priced prepaid data plan?!


This is too much of a hassle.

BTW, there are massive rumors circulating that the Apple Netbook is REAL and being tested at this moment. Online search engines are reporting strange device access that are identified as either “iPhone 3.0” or “NetMac 1.0”. Surely these are the NEW NETBOOKS from Apple that everybody wants. Fingers crossed.

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