60Frames Works Blue with Red Band


New media studio 60Frames has launched Red Band Industries, a separate production label aimed at creating edgier, more irreverent fare, writes MediaWeek.

Red Band quietly released two new web series in September: Private High Musical is a spoof of High School Musical and Brangelina Bunch is a comedic animated take on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s brood. Red Band has also become the new home for 60Frames’ sketch comedy series I Am Zumwalt. Here’s the trailer for Private High Musical (no nudity, but mildly NSFW).

According to MediaWeek, the idea is for the advertising-friendly content of 60Frames to remain distinct, while Red Band focuses on racier content. From a preliminary web search, it looks like Red Band content is distributed through the usual suspects like YouTube, Joost, Dailymotion and Veoh.

Despite a lengthy list of web shows, some of which feature Hollywood celebrities like David Spade and Jerry O’Connell, 60Frames has yet to have a true breakout hit. This seems to be a way for the company to goose the viewership stats of its network by going with the edgy content that does so well on the web, without tarnishing the main brand. And 60Frames wants to keep its brand clean as it has partnered with NBC to find sponsors that can fund the production of new web shows.

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