T-Mobile G1 on sale today


Those of you who pre-ordered (whatever that means) the G1 after the big T-Mobile event have probably not received your unit yet as they claimed a delivery date of October 22.  You should be very pleased to hear that T-Mobile will begin selling the G1 in San Francisco today and in their stores in 3G coverage areas tomorrow.  Yep, Joe Q. Public can walk into a T-Mobile store tomorrow and pick up a G1, the same phone you are still waiting for having ordered it weeks ago.  T-Mobile needs to bone up on pre-ordering techniques, methinks.


(via ZDNet)


C L phillip

Mine was delivered this morning. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL

C L phillip

Mine was delivered this morning. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL


I go my G1 yesterday afternoon. I live in Alabama. Finally we got something early! Still no 3G here yet though :-(

Shawn Roberts

Contrary to earlier reports, T-Mobile will be selling the G-1 at stores in non 3G areas also. I live in Oklahoma City, an area that is not slated to get 3G until next year, but the local T-Mobile store will be selling the units starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.

James Kendrick

I just powered on my T-Mobile phone and found a voice mail from last night late that was from UPS. It gave me a tracking number for a shipment to be made today requiring signature. The tracking number yields no results trying to track it so we’ll see. I’m thinking it must be the G1.

Cody B

People are already receiving pre-ordered G1s. The shipping on the G1s that were received yesterday was shipped last Wednesday and had three day shipping on them. I talked with a guy from the t-mobile store down the street and he said they have them in stock. He said doors open at 8 am. I’ll be there a bit early to make sure I get one. :)

Matthew Miller

Yeah, I thought the pre-order folks would get the device exclusively for a week or something, but the only advantage is that you get it shipped to your house instead of having to visit a store. Mine is supposed to be delivered today, but the tracking details still show it is in Illinois so I may not even see it today, which would be quite disappointing given the fact I ordered it over a month ago.

I also haven’t seen ANYTHING on TV ads or in print advertising the G1 and I am in a 3G market. T-Mobile needs to get the word out if they want to make this a popular option for folks.

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