Sonic Boom Makes a Firecracker Out of Your iPhone


Smule — of Sonic Lighter fame — launched their second app over the weekend, Sonic Boom. As you can probably imagine, it turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker that can be lit, either with your finger (as a virtual match that you actually have to strike to ignite) or a second iPhone running Sonic Lighter.

Sonic Boom, like its sister app, is more gimmicky than anything else and is hardly feature intensive. You can change the size of the firecracker or the fuse, slow down the explosion, and wrap your stick with a picture from your camera roll. You can also rummage through the debris afterward, however the graphics are nothing to phone home about and are on par with what you would expect from a 99¢ app.

Where Sonic Boom really shines is the real-time display of other users around the globe. Smule claims they have registered ~7,400 explosions in the app’s first 36 hours and during my usage, I averaged a fair number (5-7) of explosions every couple of seconds, most of them culminating around the USA and Europe.

Curiously enough, you can cause the explosion to “break” your screen. It seems to be more random than anything, but obviously the bigger your stick, the more likely your chances. You can check your stats to see how often you’ve done so, as well as how many times you have lit a firecracker in general.

All in all, if you’re looking for a way to have some momentary fun without losing fingers or something to accompany your friend’s Sonic Lighter purchase, this is it.