MacHEADS — A Fanboy Documentary

Everyone remembers when they get their first Mac — the instant feeling of belonging in an elitist group of technologists. You go to class, a coffee shop, or down the street and see cars driving past with an Apple sticker on their back windshield as you ask yourself where you’re going to put your sticker. There is no other company on the planet that makes its fans feel this way. This is one of the main factors that makes Apple such an incredible company while making its fans even more incredible.

The loyalty of a Mac user to its company is like that of a child to its mother, and only other Mac fans understand this. Apple has surpassed being a simple company and transitioned into a religion. Just as everyone has the story of their first kiss, or their first car, they have one of their first Mac. The film MacHEADS is about just this — the symbiotic devotion between a company, its product line, and its customers.

MacHEADS is a feature length documentary directed by Kobi Shely which exploits this loyalty of Apple Fanatics and their obsession. Aside from Pirates of Silicon Valley, this is one of the few films solely based on Apple and its fans, for its fans.

The film explores the nature of the Apple fan base and what turned a simple computer company into a worldwide phenomenon and religion. Featuring various interviews with key Apple enthusiasts, including Apple’s first employee, it shows the unrivaled dedication to this company and brand.

The film is currently scheduled for a Fall release. You can check out the trailer and website here.