Four million EEE PCs have been sold


We always seem to be talking about netbooks but that’s because they are such hot topics.  If you aren’t sure how big how about 4 million EEE PCs, which according to Asus CEO is the number of the netbooks that has been sold to date.  Laptop Magazine interviewed Jerry Shen about the EEE PC and netbooks in particular.  Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Shen at the CES in January of this year after shamelessly parlaying Asus’ use of Kevin’s son Tyler’s video review of the EEE PC in his press conference.  Now that was a surprise to all in attendance, Kevin especially.  Here are the highlights of the information Shen shared with Laptop:

  • Asus expects to hit 5 million EEE PC sales this year
  • Touch-enabled EEE PCs will begin appearing early next year.  They are not sure if a convertible form or standard clamshell will be used
  • Windows 7 will be adopted when available

Check out the interview for additional insight by Mr. Shen into the direction that Asus is heading with the EEE PC.  BTW, that video review by Tyler is still viewed over 100 times a day nearly a year later.  Here it is in case you missed it:



I have not seen a single eee in the wild. I think the 4 million is bogus.

Chris K

I’d imagine that they’re selling briskly. I certainly wasn’t the only person on line buying a 901 at J&R last week.

It doesn’t hurt that Asus has marked itself as *the* main netbook manufacturer, having really kicked off the whole trend, so the Eee brand resonates at least a little with people, even when there are half a dozen other options to choose from.

That’s all speculation, of course, but it’s awful nice to not be the only Eee owner on my morning commute.

E. Hilton

How are sales at the consumer level? Any indication that they are flying off shelves in the US?

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