Dictionary maker to enter netbook world


You know that netbooks are hot items when companies that don’t make computers decide to make one of their very own.  It also speaks volumes how the standard netbook configuration must make it easier for newbies to play.  Electronic dictionary maker JCHyun in South Korea has announced their upcoming netbook, the Udia Mini Note T100 Office.  It’s a big name for a little computer and while it is to have the standard netbook goods (1.6 GHz Atom, 1 GB, 80 GB HDD, Windows XP) what sets this apart is the inclusion of Microsoft Office.  Thus the Office in the netbook’s name.  It will also have 3 USB ports which is a plus.  $491.  Thanks to Henry Finn for the tip.


(via AVING)


Henry Finn

Thanks for the name drop : ) I was surprised to come across it in my daily reading.
It looks like this netbook is doomed to fail, I think a lot of these companies are getting in over there heads, for example Raon who had to recall every single Everrun notebook they released. Best of luck to JC Hyun though.

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