Dell Latitude XT capacitive digitizers still don’t work right

LatitudextnoDell made a big splash late last year when it introduced the first Tablet PC with a capacitive digitizer like that used in the iPhone.  The 12-inch screen has both the capacitive and an active digitizer provided by N-Trig to give dual capability to the XT.  Well, it would have but the capacitive touch wasn’t fully enabled at launch and it was a few months before Dell supplied the software to enable the full capability of the N-Trig.  Unfortunately it seems that users are having a bunch of trouble with the N-Trig setup and Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile has had enough.  Rob was one of the earliest champions of the Dell XT and spent a fortune of his own money to get his hands on one.  That makes his recent tirade about the Dell XT particularly poignant as he has had enough.

Dell and N-Trig: These problems need to be addressed ASAP and thereneeds to be some public dialogue between Dell, N-Trig, and your usersabout what is going on and when we can expect resolution. Dellcustomers: I encourage you to contact customer support and let yourvoices be heard. Until these issues are addressed and fixed, I cannotrecommend to anyone that they purchase the Latitude XT Tablet PC.  We always felt that Dell was putting too high a financial premium on this technology. 

That high premium makes this situation totally unforgivable for those who shelled out the big bucks for something that is less than desirable.


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