Blog Post Raises Secound Round of Funding

Online web show distributor has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Bain Capital in its second institutional round; Blip raised its first round in June 2007 from Ambient Sound Investments. It did not disclose how much was raised in either one.

When asked for more specifics on the investment, blip CEO Mike Hudack was pretty tight-lipped, saying only that it was “the right amount” and that the money will be used to add functionality for show creators and add distribution destinations.

Blip, which only counts one view per IP address per video per session, said it served more than 51 million video views in September, representing a 250 percent year-over-year bump. And the company says it currently distributes more than 37,000 actively updated web shows.

Based in New York, blip currently has 17 employees. Hudack said they will also use the new money to add another three or four people.

4 Responses to “ Raises Secound Round of Funding”

  1. Blip.TV has such an amazing reputation among video bloggers and Blip’s video quality for Flash delivery is unmatched by any other “post and play” video player.

    Blip also delivers downloadable videos for iTunes, the iPod and the iPhone as a video podcast – something YouTube and others that deliver Flash videos don’t.

    I hope that the 3 to 4 new hires at Blip are ad sales people because Blip is in New York and has the best opportunity to crack the code on monetizing downloadable media for Independent Video Content Creators. (Someone needs to find a plug and play way for us to make money on all these millions of views going unsold.) ;)

    Congrats Mike, Dina, Justin, Jared and Charles on the funding. You guys deserve great things for all the hard work you have done for the community.

    Keep up the great work!