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CDMA Handset Manufacturer Kyocera Picks Google’s Android Platform

Kyocera Wireless has chosen the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android operating system to build its next phones. To do so, the company will partner with Wind River, which belongs to the platform’s organization called the Open Handset Alliance and has expertise in commercial Linux. Although Kyocera has some experience with smartphones, starting with the Palm (NSDQ: PALM) operating system in 2000, it has primarily targeted the low-end CDMA handset market, pushing out sleek, but affordable devices. With Kyocera’s adoption of Android, it demonstrates that the open-source platform is likely an inexpensive, compared to OS’s, like Windows Mobile and Symbian, which charge license fees. Although Symbian, too, is moving towards open-source and eliminating the fees. Dave Carey, Kyocera’s VP and GM of the consumer products group, said: “Our goal is to make Kyocera the leader in Android integration among CDMA device manufacturers in the markets we serve.