Broadband Content Bits: In UK, MrPaparazzi On Blinkx, Bebo Drama: OMG!

0 Comments in UK: Disney-owned ESPN (NYSE: DIS) has brought its subscription VOD player to the UK, aimed at British fans of American sports. The player launched in 40 European countries in January and is being offered variously from a £7.99 month’s pass for live sports to an all-you-can-eat year’s package at £54.99. From Media Week.

MrPaparazzi on Blinkx: Dayglo-haired Darren Lyons’ celebrity picture agency offshoot has has got carriage for its British and American celeb videos on Video search index Blinkx, including many that were submitted by the public. Blinkx will put relevant advertising alongside the clips using its AdHoc programme and both parties will share revenue. Lyons is the proprietor of London

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