37signals Adds Deals Functionality to Highrise


Highrise Logo 37signals recently announced the addition of Deals functionality into their Highrise CRM product. Deals allow you to track your bids, proposals and sales opportunities with all of the Highrise goodness you would expect. Quickly assign them to clients, add files, and keep everyone updated on status. While they are not to the level of opportunity tracking in a Salesforce or full sales cycle product, they are well done and really quite useful for those who use Highrise in a sales arena. Their video explanation does a great job at highlighting the main features.

While I applaud them for the added functionality, I think the limitations they have placed on their use in some of their plans are a bit restrictive. For example, those on a standard $24/month 6 user Small Business plan only get the ability to track 5 open deals. It is true that only active deals count towards that figure, but 5 deals in a sales pipeline for a 6 user team isn’t likely to be sufficient. Want more? Pro and Plus plans give you unlimited Deals but start at double the monthly fee.

I certainly understand the tiered pricing model of web services but I don’t see the point of introducing such useful new functionality and then so severely limiting its usage. I do hope they reconsider and up that number so that even those with the mid-level accounts can benefit from them.

How do you track your deals?


Brian Keating

I just switched to pipelinedeals from Highrise, its alot better for sales, Im sticking with basecamp for projects

Mark Thomson

I think Deals is Great!!
I’m using HR to focus on my pipeline and this is what deals has given me the chance to do.
In addition I use an app to get a dashboard that i can show my boss. All i need to do is insert my user name and it runs in my browser!
Check it out:

Peter van Teeseling

I used Highrise for a couple of months. Just switched back to PipelineDeals (www.pipelinedeals.com). More sales oriented and for USD 15 per month per user (no limits on numbers of deals etc.) worth my money. They have a different pricing model which suits small businesses and ‘independents’ like me better than a model like 37Signals is using.
The funcionality of Highrise is excellent though!

Jon Moss

I’ll be using Deals and glad Jason has upped the limit to 10, 5 was very stingy!

I agree with Jane too, I find it is worth paying for something that is genuinely useful and works.

Jane Quigley

@this The problem with these alternatives is that “free” doesn’t work. When people don’t get paid they lose interest in updating and bug fixes and then you’re out of luck. Or they introduce insane pricing out of the blue. I like having all of my projects with a service that I’ve used and trusted for 4 years and that doesn’t break my (or my company’s) bank account. And continually advances (in small but significant ways). I’m never going to log into one of their apps after an update and not recognize where I am or how to use it.

Scott Blitstein

@COD – Everyone needs something different from their CRM, sorry you don’t get to choose one that you like.

@Brett – Great feature indeed.

@Jason – Thanks for the update, and for upping the limits. Good news!

@this People sure do seem to have a love / hate relationship with 37signals. Personally I’ve yet to find anything nearly as useful to me as Backpack.



37signals has done an amazing job with their product but I’ve also seen (and am starting to agree) with a lot of the negative feedback about it.

It’s funny how as a product evolves, you can either stick to the base model which made you a success or try to implement improvements outside the will of the people using your tool. BaseCamp was so good it spawned free imitations. Now, I can use alternatives without having to worry about them.

Brett Atkin

I completely agree on the limited Deals issue. I was really excited about the new feature until I say the pricing breakdown. 5 deals just isn’t enough.

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