37signals Adds Deals Functionality to Highrise

Highrise Logo 37signals recently announced the addition of Deals functionality into their Highrise CRM product. Deals allow you to track your bids, proposals and sales opportunities with all of the Highrise goodness you would expect. Quickly assign them to clients, add files, and keep everyone updated on status. While they are not to the level of opportunity tracking in a Salesforce or full sales cycle product, they are well done and really quite useful for those who use Highrise in a sales arena. Their video explanation does a great job at highlighting the main features.

While I applaud them for the added functionality, I think the limitations they have placed on their use in some of their plans are a bit restrictive. For example, those on a standard $24/month 6 user Small Business plan only get the ability to track 5 open deals. It is true that only active deals count towards that figure, but 5 deals in a sales pipeline for a 6 user team isn’t likely to be sufficient. Want more? Pro and Plus plans give you unlimited Deals but start at double the monthly fee.

I certainly understand the tiered pricing model of web services but I don’t see the point of introducing such useful new functionality and then so severely limiting its usage. I do hope they reconsider and up that number so that even those with the mid-level accounts can benefit from them.

How do you track your deals?


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