TAB Welcomes: Charles Moore


Hello, I’m a Mac writer.

Charles Moore here,  another TAB newbie, and Darrell Etherington isn’t the only Canadian on the roster, as I’m a Canuck too, albeit from a different part of the country — far eastern mainland Nova Scotia. I’ve been a writer most of my life, a full-time freelancer since 1987, and a Mac Web contributor since 1988.

My first Mac was purchased used in 1992 moving up from an old WangWriter II word processor — a compact Plus with a gigantic 20 megabyte external MacCrate SCSI hard drive and a whopping 2.5 MB of RAM. I still have it, and it’s still in good working order, but over the years I’ve upgraded through an LC 520, a PowerBook 5300, a UMAX SuperMac S-900 Mac clone, a PowerBook 1400, a PowerBook WallStreet II, three Pismo PowerBooks — two of which are still in active production service — upgraded with 550 MHz G4 processors and some other hotrodding tweaks, a G3 dual-USB iBook, and a 17″ PowerBook G4 that is my current workhorse.

As you probably inferred from the foregoing list, I’m a consummate notebook fan, but I endeavor to keep up to speed across the Macintosh/ iPod/iPhone spectrum.

It’s great to be on board here at The Apple Blog, and I look forward to your feedback.



Great to see the Maritimes represented in the Mac community.

Mike (Miramichi, NB)

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