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SNL: The Ballad of Mark and Andy

Last night some folks and I were hanging out, being awesome glamorous Hollywood people…by which I mean we were sitting around my computer watching Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL. But when Mark Wahlberg appeared in the opening sketch, a friend who hadn’t seen the previous episode was confused — so we had to explain.

First, see, Andy Samberg did a sketch in the Anne Hathaway-hosted show called Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals, in which he busts out a pretty impressive Wahlberg impersonation to do just that:

Then, um, Mark Wahlberg saw it, got mad, and told Jimmy Kimmel that he was going to go to 30 Rock that Saturday and bitch-slap Andy Samberg.

So that’s why Mark Wahlberg was looking for Andy in the opening sketch (which I’ve clipped below):

…Leading to their inevitable collision backstage.

So, there you have it: A random sketch that birthed a mini-feud that seems over almost as soon as it began — just in time to help Walhberg’s new movie, Max Payne, make it to No. 1 this weekend at the box office. Let’s be honest, Wahlberg doesn’t look too angry here, and if you’re going to announce a fake feud, then Jimmy Kimmel’s show is the place to do it. So will Samberg dare to bring out his Wahlberg impression ever again? Will Wahlberg strike back? Depends, I guess, on whether or not there’s gonna be a Max Payne 2.

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