Motorola getting ready to play with Android


G1pullupmenuThe T-Mobile G1 phone has gotten surprisingly good marks for a first effort with a new operating system and has captured a lot of attention.  The Google-influenced Android platform has a lot of OEMs paying close attention with the obvious excitement over the G1.  Handset giant Motorola is reported to getting an Android-based handset ready for distribution in 2009.  Motorola has been talking up an Android phone of late to anyone who will listen and is touting it as a social smartphone for the 16 to 30-something crowd.  They are claiming it will be tightly integrated with big social networks like Facebook and MySpace, among others.  They also state it will have an "iPhone-like touch screen" but are not tossing any photos around of the phone.

(via Business Week)


hmm, i hope any motorola android phone will be operator agnostic…


If only I could have Verizons network, Apples UI, and Androids openness. Sigh, a man can dream.

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