Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Ferrets Out the Hidden Gunk


Do you have a computer that is much slower than it once was, and seems to pop up regularly with inexplicable problems? Even if you’re diligent about running security software and scanning for infections, you can still end up with rogue problems, especially if you’re on a Windows PC. I had a Windows PC at home acting like this, and reached for some of my standard tools to clean it up, but I was pleasantly surprised by a (mostly) free download I found, and the cleaning job that it did: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is free, although if you want to keep a full version that does scheduled scanning and real-time protection, it costs $24.95.

One piece of advice before you run this program: Go into any browsers you have loaded on your system and delete any saved temporary Internet files (available through the Tools menu of the popular browsers). The reason is that Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware does a highly thorough scan of your files even if you choose its Quick Scan choice instead of Full Scan.

When I first ran it, there happened to be a browser on my system that I hadn’t used in a while that had stocked up a lot of temporary Internet files. It took a long time for the program to look through all those files, and that time would have been saved if they had been deleted up front.

After about a two-hour scan of the older Windows system I was cleaning up (not my primary computer), Malwarebytes found over 50 files that it deemed to be suspect. I know for sure these weren’t all malware and viruses, just suspect, but I chose to delete them all.

After a reboot, the system was much snappier, and even booting itself went faster. Apparently, I’m not alone in finding that this application roots out some problem files that many other products won’t find. If you look at the user reviews on here, you’ll find a lot of comments along the lines of: “Trend didn’t find anything wrong, but Malwarebytes Anti-Malware cleaned my system,” and “best product of all products I have ever tried.” It’s currently number 11 on’s most popular downloads list.

Malware is a moving target, and even though I use standard security software, I try to experiment with other tools as I have time to. This application is a good find, and I now have it on all my Windows PCs.



I DEFINITELY agree that using a quality anti-malware solution will help speed up your computer. With that said, I will typically go with a nice fresh OS install whenever I feel I am bogged down, especially by bad code. You just can’t beat the performance gains you see with a clean install.


It sounds like while Anti-Malware may find and delete sneaky malware that other programs overlook, it does so at a cost. The elimination of noise (from Stephen’s issue) may be an example of the software’s automatic blocking/deleting of anything it does not understand. Also, just because it does not have the tools that Spybot does, it does not mean that the file in question is an example of malware or otherwise harmful in any way.

Stephen Weber


TWICE, I had set up my browser with an audio stream, and my Audio Recorder Pro set on auto record, to record a show which comes on when I have to be at work, and TWICE, the stinkin’ “malware BITES” crapped out, taking out the sound, and I’m left with an mp3 file WITH NO SOUND!!! which I don’t find out about until I get home HALF AN HOUR AFTER THE SHOW IS OVER!!!

I can’t even uninstall this crap, because when I go to the Start button, and into Programs, and into “Malware”, the stinkin’ folder is EMPTY.

Now, I have to pay $15 to purchase a copy of the program that was aired from someone else–when I could have had my own copy for free.

What a COLOSSAL WASTE!! Well, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!!!


Bugs that slows down
The antispyware solution from Search-and-destroy is one of the best scanners I’ve found so far to help me clean out those nasty little bugs that slows down my computer and causes it to freeze up or crash. It keeps my computer running like new and best of all it cost less than many of the other better known scanners that have been available for awhile now. I was glad that I finally found a scan that works and that’s so affordable. Search-and-destroy is the best scanner I’ve used so far and you can find out more information by simply visiting


I agree. A wonderful tool. Got rid of the wretched ‘Anti-virus 2008XP’ and found lots more nasty stuff beside. I also run SuperAntiSpyware. Between them the seem to sort everything. Wonderful!


Anti-Malware is the only thing that would get rid of a couple of nasty trojans and the wonderful ‘Anti-Virus 2008 XP’ fake virus alert – life saver, but I’m still going to wipe everything and re-build…

Free Gadgets

This program is the only one I could find to get rid of a particularly nasty infection my computer had picked up. I had tried spybot and windows defender but nothing could shift it until this lovely program came along. My computer is nice and clean now.

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