iKit Mobile Companion: why exactly?


IkitImovio is a company with a new mobile companion device they are telling everybody about that they claim is for the person on the go.  The iKit is being touted as a teeny, tiny laptop device that will do email and other web stuff on the go.  The gadget is a small clam-shell form with a PDA processor, small PDA screen, small PDA-like amount of memory, well you get the picture.  The connectivity the company is selling is that wireless technology called WiFi and they also claim you can use the integrated Bluetooth to connect the iKit to your cell phone for connectivity anywhere.  The iKit runs Linux and has the standard set of applications in ROM to get you online and about your business.  Now, maybe it’s just me but it sure seems like the Nokia N810 would be a whole lot more useful.  I’m just sayin’.  The iKit is planned to be a full-fledged commercial product in Q3 of 2009.  I’ll bet the mobile scene won’t have changed much between now and then.  No word on pricing that I could find.


Processor Marvell PXA270   312MHz
                      Operating System Linux 2.4.19
                      User Interface GUI : Proprietary plus Trolltech  QT/E 2.3.

Display Icons / Indicators
                      – Battery signal strength
                      – WiFi active/inactive/level
                      – Bluetooth® active/inactive
                      – Date & time

Home screen: 8 icons
                      – Email, launches Email application
                      – IM launches Instant Messaging application
                      – Web browser, launches browser application
                      – Contacts, launches A-Z listing contacts
                      – Multimedia, open 2nd level icon screen with
                      icons for, Video player, Music Player, File manager
                      – Wireless, open 2nd level icon screen with icons for
                      BT, WiFi
                      – iKIT, open 2nd level icon screen for Display settings,
                      Date & Time, Sound settings
                      – Utilities, Open 2nd level icon screen with icons
                      for PC Sync   

– QWERTY/AZERTY + numeric keys, other
                      languages optional
                      – 2 soft keys, 5 quick access keys, multi directional
                      key, power on/off key, volume up/down key
                      – Backlight: White 

– 16 mm built-in, monophonic   

Memory Internal
                      – ROM : 128 MB, RAM : 64 MB SDRAM
                      – User  data : 12MB, User media files : 23MB

Memory External
– Micro SD (up to 8GB)
– 2.8 inch QVGA, TFT, 260 000 colors, landscape
– 0.3 MP fixed focus camera (Option)
                      – Viewfinder: 15 fps, 16-bit color depth
                      – Image format: JPEG, fine and standard
                      compression, user selectable
                      – Digital zoom: Up to 3X smooth digital zoom with
                      7 steps
                      – Effects: Color, black & white, negative, sepia
                      – Capture time: less than 2 seconds to return to
                      viewfinder mode after shuttered    

                      – 95 mm (L) x 65 mm (W) x 15.5 mm (H)   

                      – 113 g (with battery)



The N800/N810’s glaring deficiency is that Maemo has weak PIMs with no way to sync contacts or calendar unless you are willing to use Google Calendar or are running Evolution. I want to be able to sync to Windows Thunderbird or (bite my tongue) Outlook. It amazes me that such a big gap is ignored by so many.


You can find a new Nokia n800 for 200. Did I see a Zaurus fan attack the Maemo platform for openness, I am lost of words.


This seems alarmingly limited.

A 2.4 kernel? Most devices that use that are trying to take from the community and not give anything back, except limited devices. As a general rule, with such devices you can only compile new kernel modules, not compile and install a new kernel. The 2.6 kernel series has significant improvements for mobile devices, some of them donated by Nokia.

With so little RAM and ROM, I doubt they can get a Gecko or Webkit browser into that thing, which is essential for an AJAX web.

With such a small screen, I doubt you can browse the web effectively.

The best possibility for this thing I’m imagining right now is that people install distros on SD cards, but that eliminates one of the benefits of SD cards (ability to be removed), and you’re still limited to the kernel that comes with it.

John in Norway

I saw this on some site yesterday. £99 was the price which makes it a lot cheaper than the locked down Nokia. Of course, until it’s actually out and about it’s difficult to make a judgement on it.

Zaurus Lover

What is this crap? The Zaurus was released – what – 6 years ago. It can do all this plus some.

Pretty sad we are going backwards to move ahead


Reminds me of the small HP Jornada handheld pc from about 10 years ago. I can imagine what a winner it would be if HP could somehow compress the 2133 mininote down to the Jornada’s form factor… pocket rocket anyone???

Ron P.

Lets see, I can shine up my SONY UX 50, or maybe my Motorola Accompli 009 (I’ll exclude my PageWriter 2000x without a Browser would not be fair)

Move over guys, I feel another member of your family will be coming to join ya.

Honestly, I am a sucker for a nice small easy to carry PDA type device. IF IT IS FUNCTIONAL. The $99 to $175 pricepoint will work for me, maybe even $250 if it is sweet. But I best be able to use the Keyboard easily, see the screen well, and it actually WORK with some SERIOUS battery life. Bring it on!!


There’s a quoted price of $175 that I saw somewhere on them thar Intarwebs.


$99 maybe? That would at least make it interesting. Of course, you can get a refurb ipod touch for $179 which makes a great internet tablet.

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