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HP to Double Green Energy Use

Another day, another promise from a large IT company that it will continue to “green” its operations. Today HP (s HPQ) announced its plans to double the amount of renewable energy it uses to 8 percent by 2012. This latest goal is part of the company’s larger energy agenda to reduce consumption and associated greenhouse gases at all HP facilities globally to 16 percent below 2005 levels by 2010.

To help achieve these goals, HP is pushing forward with its solar plans, like the installation it just finished at its San Diego research center, in partnership with SunPower (s SPWR) and GE (s GE). The company has also opted into Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program to purchase wind energy from west Texas (where T. Boone Pickens is erecting windmills) to help power two of its data centers near Austin.

Compared to Google (s GOOG), which has proposed an energy plan for the U.S., and Intel (s INTC), one of the country’s largest purchasers of green energy, HP is playing a bit of “greener-than-thou” catchup. Dell has already posted a blog looking down its nose a bit at HP’s modest goal, and encourages HP to follow the Dell lead and go carbon neutral. While its easy to be cynical over the torrents of green energy press releases coming out of IT business world, it does seem that, on the whole, tech companies fundamentally want to get in on the ET (energy technology) business.

HP also tossed a bone to green consumers today with a new set of desktop PCs that use new energy-efficient chips from AMD, come in recyclable packaging and are equipped with the latest and greatest in energy management software, which users may or may not use. The company even green(wash)ed one of the computers’ names: the HP Pavilion Verde!

Image courtesy of HP.

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