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Boxee Update Now Plays Hulu

The latest alpha release of boxee, released today, has added support for streaming shows from Hulu and CBS. In fact, I’m watching the season opener of Heroes on my Apple TV right now. Very cool stuff.

If you haven’t seen it yet, boxee installs on your Apple TV (via the patchstick method) and adds a new item to the main menu to access the boxee software. Once you launch boxee, it takes over the interface and allows you to select from different sources. When you’re done, you can exit back to the regular AppleTV interface.

Internet video isn’t as smooth on the Apple TV as it is going to on my MacBook, despite sharing the same internet connection. I assume that the alpha release still has some work to be done on it. Still, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities that this latest release hints at.

Besides Hulu, you can also bring in content from Flickr,, Picasa, SHOUTcast, YouTube and other Internet sources. Besides Internet video, you can also pick up content from network sources. I have some DVD rips (home movies, of course) stored on my home-built Solaris file server that play perfectly with menus and everything. I’m using wi-fi and even 7GB .ISO files work great.

boxee 0.9.3935 adds the following features…

  • streaming TV shows, movies and clips from Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central and MySpaceTV
  • major changes to the UI
  • web interface to adding RSS feeds
  • improved performance

You need to have an alpha test account with boxee to get started, which you can sign up for at The developers have promised to send out 10,000 more invites today in honor of the new release. If you don’t receive an email invite, try sending a tweet to @boxee and asking politely.

If you already have boxee installed on your Apple TV, just select “update” from the menu. You can download the new Mac client from the web site as well.

While the software is still a bit rough in some spots, the adventurous among you will enjoy checking this out.

9 Responses to “Boxee Update Now Plays Hulu”

  1. badmelvin

    I found one even better, I am watching an entire season of familly guy on my iPhone and I can watch 200 other TV shows with complete seasons (yup all episodes) ad free from

    hands down my new favorite tv site, and its availailbe outside the USA hich is great for us expats ;)

  2. nick kourdoulos

    i know this is probably the wrong avenue to take in terms of conting someone with this issue, but i cannot fin the relent email address but…

    i have registered weeks ago but still witing for my user name and password,
    sorry to hassle you
    regards nick.

  3. On the AppleTV its still crapping out which means I dont trust it to watch movies as it never seems to finish them without needing a reset, while ATV is a real pain having to move content onto the AppleTV it is reliable.

    That said, Boxee is 1000% better than ATV and I am sticking with it, the new menu system with its off-screen options is just inspired. The preloaded content is excellent and something people like Apple could learn from. All-in-all, a few bugs to iron out but this thing is a winner!