@ Mobile NW: VC Tom Huseby Offers Measured View Of The Economy; Downturn Won’t Benefit Wireless


imageTom Huseby, a venture capitalist with SeaPoint Ventures, who focuses on investing in wireless companies, shared his thoughts this morning at Mobile Northwest 2008 in Seattle about the economy, and offered a more measured view of how it is affecting venture capital. He said things like the stock market, bank failures and even the memo distributed by Sequoia Capital two weeks ago, which told its portfolio companies to brace for a deep economic downturn, are inflicting undue fear on the start-up community. Last week, he said his mother called from Florida to give him her regards. “She must have thought I was in the midst of total chaos and doom and gloom, but really, I was too busy to notice, other than seeing my net worth diminish. Who would have thought early-stage VC was one of the safer investments? Who would have thought it was better than mortgages?…It

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