Do you consider yourself a geek? Now how about a hardcore geek? And since you’re reading The Apple Blog, clearly you’re a Hardcore Mac Geek (assuming you answered yes to the preceding questions). Check, check, and check. Great! So this post is aimed squarely at you! (Apologies for the pre-interview. The contents beyond this point are what you might call, “niche”.)

Graphic artist, Christopher David Ryan made these great prints, utilizing the ‘Apple’, or ‘Command’ key references made popular in OS X. You can purchase the set of three (as 5×7 inch prints) for $12 if you’re so inclined. Personally, I’d hold out for poster size rather than the smallish 5×7 prints, but that’s just me. Either way, I like the idea, and it’s a great composition in my book.

Side note: If you didn’t immediately recognize what the prints were meant to read as, please hand in your ‘Hardcore Mac Geek’ card before leaving.



No need to “hold out,” Nick. I asked and CDR can offer 18″ x 24″ prints of Commands for $35 each or $100 for the set. I’m planning to buy Open Your Mind large and call it a day.


would be cool if you could blog about it again, when the posters are available… i don’t really see some sort of rss feed on the designer’s webpage to be notified when posters are available…

Alex Muller

I’m applying for the position of Uber Hardcore Mac Geek, seeing as I’ve owned these for a couple of weeks :D

And there might be a poster size? Woah, I want…

Brandon Eley

Those are pretty cool… if they were available as posters (or even just a little larger than 5×7) I’d probably get them to put up in my office.


Can you be a Hardcore Mac Geek, without trying a mac more than a few minutes?
I’ve surfed the web thin after Mac related stuff and are going to buy me the new Macbook Pro (As my first Mac)…

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