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BoinxTV: Broadcasting for the rest of us

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Making simple videocasts can take time and some work utilizing a few different tools. Until now.

A little while ago, I elected to participate in a new product offering from Boinx Software, called BoinxTV. In all honesty, I had forgotten about the product until I recently received an email telling me where to download a current build and give it a try. This application is pretty comprehensive, and more importantly, it makes the process of creating and editing videocasts fun.

Getting Started

Upon initial launch of the application, you are presented with the following screen:

BoinxTV New Document WindowWhat is really nice is that Boinx has provided some pre-canned templates to easily generate the type of broadcast you would like to make. Each of the templates are fun and easily modified. Another bonus, as shown with this screenshot is that you can select the resolution for the broadcast, including HD (albeit it is a compressed version at 960×540).


Once you select the type of template you want, BoinxTV generates the necessary components of the broadcast and then presents you with the following screen:

BoinxTV Main WindowIn this window, you control which elements of the broadcast (audio, video, graphics and more) you want to include. You can also define their properties (left-hand side) and see a preview of the video on the right. Note, I disabled the video in this particular screen — none of you want to see my ugly mug.

Because the application is so flexible, you can either record your video first or last. You can edit the elements of the broadcast at any time. One of my favorite features is that you can define what type of marquee content you want to display across the video, including RSS feeds. This makes the content seem fresh and improves the level of realism.

BoinxTV also supports Apple’s Media Browser, so you can easily drag-and-drop your photos, videos or music files directly into the broadcast you are editing.

Exporting & Publishing

When you have finished recording and making the appropriate edits, you can then decide where you want to export the content. What is great is that BoinxTV exports to PodcastProducer and can easily publish your broadcast to it. Here is an example of the publishing process:

BoinxTV - Export Video


One of the quirks of the application, besides the fact that it is in beta, is that the UI can be a little overwhelming at first. There are so many options and controls for editing, you might be confused as to where to start. However, with a little time and practice, it isn’t too hard to get going.

To learn more about BoinxTV, they have created a screencast available for viewing on iTunes. I am pretty excited about this product and believe that anyone who creates videocasts will appreciate the power that BoinxTV provides. BoinxTV is due to ship by mid-November.

Oh, I have two additional beta invites for those who are really interested. Please write a clever reason as to why I should give you an invite (meaning, how it will really help you) in the comments section below and I will then decide the winner(s) in another post.

16 Responses to “BoinxTV: Broadcasting for the rest of us”

  1. This is the product that I have been searching for since WWDC 2007. I have worked for several years on the development of flexible learning tools and resources at our local university, using a lot of multimedia resources that can be accessed locally from DVD and/or over the web. Post-production is a big task after all resources (ppt slides, video lecturer clips, animations, podcasts, examples etc) are assembled, and we have used the media builder within LiveStage Pro which is no longer actively supported and increasingly showing its age. We have created I think some innovative and interesting learning tools, but desperately need to streamline and enhance the postproduction and final assembly process. BoinxTV looks like the dream product for this purpose.

  2. What Nicholas meant was that everybody can invite more than 3 persons. So if you want to invite 20 people, just do it :)
    But everyone can surely also contact Nicholas or me directly in order to get an invite.
    Just email me at: (My first name) @

  3. I’ve been following the Twitter and RSS news on this app, and it looks promising. I work for a community college, and I’ve been in the process of setting up a video podcasting studio. Because instructors should be content experts, not technology experts, I’ve been trying to stick to the tools and applications that are the easiest to use without sacrificing much power. Boinx looks pretty promising, as does the Vidblaster project.

    I have a copy of Adobe’s Visual Communicator – has anyone compared this to Boinx? It sounds like the two are similar. I’d love the opportunity to beta test Boinx and compare it to other apps we’re trying out.

  4. Matthew Bookspan

    @Nicholas – thank you! Would you mind extending this to everyone who posted a comment and has expressed interest? Meaning, may they contact you directly for an invite? This might be more efficient in sending out the invites.



  5. Matthew,

    I do the Coach TV video blog (, and as you can see over on my main blog (, I find the post-production workflow frustrating – recording the shows is awesome, getting them online is awful.

    So I’d really really like a beta invite, if you have any left, so I can try it out immediately and see if this would solve some of my problems AND allow me to do something even more cool like having my own intro and add some text and graphics on top.


  6. To clarify a couple of points:

    • Full HD is available in the final product. The contents of that pop-up are just a few common and oddball sizes we put in there for testing, and are will not be final. The Custom… option also allows you to type in any dimensions you like (e.g. portrait, odd numbers, whatever).

    • Sure you can use it for live broadcast. That’s one of the two primary use cases (the other being recording to disk). It outputs to the external monitor port on a laptop, or to any device posing as a secondary screen, e.g. a Matrox MXO, via one of your video cards.

    • We would love to get specific feedback on the UI. Please believe me when I say that the current UI is a vast improvement on earlier iterations (you can see one of those in the screencast Matthew linked to), and is designed to be efficient for the live broadcast user that has learned how to use the product. Whilst we believe the product is much easier to use than Final Cut Pro, your feedback is noted though that it can be overwhelming for a first time user. Would you like some soft of Windows-like “First time user wizard” there? We have been trying to avoid the need for that.

    And BTW Matthew: We’re not counting the number of invites you actually give out. :-)

  7. Brad Johnston

    This will be great for my High School Media class. They will be producing an in house news and media show for our school. They have limited time to produce each show so this should speed things up and make a professional product at the same time.

  8. Phil Havens

    I am the leader of my school’s video club. One of our jobs is to put out the morning video announcements to the entire school. As of right now, our presentation is not very up to par and we don’t really have the time in the morning to edit together an entire news broadcast. This program seems like it would speed up the process of editing and make our production much more appealing to the eye.

  9. I work with a not for profit youth media organization and we use macs! This application will make it much easier for young broadcasters to get off the couch and get going! I am trilled and would love to get a chance to use this application! Pick us!!!

  10. Thank you for this post.. i was just searching for an alternative to ScreenFlow since i needed more control on the video tutorial that i am doing. I think this application will give just that. So I would like to win the beta invite.