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Watch Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Forget November 4th, Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday Night Live was the most-anticipated moment of this election. Would she be funny? Would Tina Fey be there?(yes) Would it be worth all the hype? (Uhh, unless you’re not impressed with a certain Mr. Mark Wahlberg making a cameo.)

Well now we know. Gov. Palin did the cold open, which, honestly, could have been funnier, but was still entertaining.

Can’t wait to see what Alec Baldwin has to blog about this on The Huffington Post.

And if that’s not enough Palin for ya, she came back for a spot on the Weekend Update:

Looks like NBC is getting a handle on this whole web video clip thing. There was a time when you’d have to wait hours if not days before the “official” clip appeared online. This time both clips were up before the West coast broadcast even started.

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