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Will Sarah Palin Meet Tina Fey-lin?

In what could be the Large Hadron Collider of political viral video events, CNN is reporting that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Tina Fey’s presence on the show, on the other hand, hasn’t been confirmed. But really — like she’d miss that?

Fueled by Fey-lin, Saturday Night Live has regained its popularity — and relevance — this season. Videos featuring Fey as Palin have spread like wildfire across the Internet, and the show’s television ratings have jumped 44 percent year-over-year.

I can’t imagine Fey would miss this opportunity (though she has said that if Palin wins, she was “leaving Earth.”). While Fey’s show, 30 Rock, is a critical hit, it hasn’t fared so well in the ratings and this would be the ultimate way to promote next week’s season premiere.

But more importantly, an SNL sketch with Palin but not Fey would kinda miss the whole point. While still viral, it wouldn’t be turbocharged and scorch the Internet unless Fey was in it. Besides, SNL needs to build up its clip library with bona fide hits if it wants to build that standalone Saturday Night Live video site.

2 Responses to “Will Sarah Palin Meet Tina Fey-lin?”

  1. I think Sarah Palin should impersonate Tina Fey in a weekend news update role, while Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin. Since Sarah has been a news anchor, this would be right up her alley, but who knows… :)