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App Store Deal of the Week: Enigmo

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Enigmo, by Pangea Soft is not a new game/application by any means — for the Mac, or for the iPhone for that matter. While I’ve got it on my MacBook, I hadn’t sprung the nearly $10 that Enigmo was priced at in the App Store. But this week, everyone’s in luck! Pangea Soft is offering this great puzzle game for only $1.99. There’s no indication how long the deal will last, but my suggestion is to get in on it as soon as you can. In actuality, after playing it on the iPhone, I realize just what an ideal fit it is for this platform.

If you’re not familiar with the game of Enigmo, here’s the skinny. There’s more or less a vessel dripping liquid, and you have different tools (drums, accelerators, surfaces) at your disposal to reroute the droplets into an empty vessel someplace else on the level. The tools can be dragged around, and the touch interface is perfect for rotating them to perform exactly the way you’d like, to hopefully beat the level before your point bonus runs out.

Performance of the game is quick, load time is minimal (especially for a game of this complexity), save and resume screens are all very easy to navigate. The only thing I didn’t see a note on (but figured out on my own) was that in order to pause the game, you need to double tap the screen for the menu.

While I balked at Enigmo at around the ten dollar mark — after playing it I’m surprised I didn’t buy it sooner — it’s a steal at 2 bucks. If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game to pass any free time, you can’t go wrong here. If you don’t want to take my word for it, it also won the Apple Design Award this year in the iPhone Developer Showcase.

One Response to “App Store Deal of the Week: Enigmo”

  1. Josh Illichmann

    THIS is a must buy at the moment for all iphone/ipod touch owners!! and at this price too! i stumbled across the deal last week and got it straight away! awesome game. can’t get past lvl 5 though :(