Nielsen To Shutter “Hey Nielsen” Social Network/Market Research Hybrid


Nielsen is shutting down its social network-market research hybrid “Hey! Nielsen,Mediapost reports. Seems like it was only a matter of time.

The community, which officially launched in conjunction with Superbowl XLI in January, was sort of an odd play for the media ratings and research giant. Designed to be both a tool to gauge feedback about various Nielsen products and services, as well as a way for the company to understand the evolution of social media as a whole, it attracted mostly rabid entertainment junkies and media industry insiders — not exactly a representative sample.

Hey! Nielsen is slated to be replaced by an as-yet-unnamed “consumer site,” leaving the more than 175,000 members relatively clueless. Also in the air is what the company plans to do with all the data it collected. Members ranked and commented on various TV shows, movies, music artists, games and even commercials. Its first organized project was tied to the Superbowl launch, as users were asked to rate and review their favorite commercials during the big game.