Video of YouTube video on the G1




My friends over at NewTeeVee must have caught Om sleeping because they absconded with his T-Mobile G1 just long enough to make this short video. They dive into the native YouTube app on the Android handset and show you the greater amount of detail you find in the software when compared to that "other" phone with YouTube functionality. It’s also a great example of the "press and hold" touchscreen feature offered by Android.



Can adobe release flash for android?…
Or is this a bit like the apple situation and there is too many restrictions on what devs can and can’t touch?

Also – I think Android has potential, but I do not like this handset, wouldn’t mind running android on that “other” phone with youtube though – that would be neat lol.


It’s also a great example of Google locking you in to their products. They wrote the browser on the G1 and could have made it Flash ready. That way you could use it to go to any video site or watch video (including YouTube videos) that’s embedded in sites like JKOnTheRun. Instead, they deny you access to Flash in their browser and force you to go to YouTube if you want to watch a video. That’s crap.

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