Nokia E90 update: so long BlackBerry Connect, hello Nokia Maps 2.0


Nokiae90communicatorNokia E90 Communicators have a week-old firmware bump waiting for them, but if you use BlackBerry Connect, you’ll want to hold off on this one. Version 300.34.84 will do away with support for BB Connect, although it does offer some new features that might interest you enough:

  • Faster screen orientation switching
  • Nokia Maps 2.0
  • Download! application updated (v 3.1.736)
  • Update for Flash Lite 3 and Flash video
  • Wi-Fi improvements
  • New baseline for VoIP
  • FLV format support in RealPlayer

If you can do without the BlackBerry support, the addition of Maps and Flash improvements might be worth it. You’ll need a PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista to make this happen through the Nokia Software Updater.



Have now got the new BBC up and running on the new firmware – all seems to work fine. Though there doesn’t seem to be any advantages to the new version of the BB client.

John in Norway

I haven’t upgraded yet because it means reinstalling everything (well, almost everything) and I did that a few weeks ago after getting my E90 repaired. I wish you could update firmware without all the hassle that goes with it. I suppose though, that when a ‘phone’ does as much as this one does there’s no other way.


I am on the same boat at Remmos. My company too won’t allow mail for exchange. I absolutely hate Blackberry phones. Because of which I got E90. Have you folks upgraded E90 to latest FW and used the new BB Connect ver. I am holding off on upgrade since I can not afford to loose BB on my e90. Any Advice ??


I’m with you Ricky – on both counts. It’s a bit embarrassing when your blackberry service is unavailable because of an upgrade! The E71 is a great piece of hardware but unless BBC is available, it will never reach its potential. My organisation is one of many which won’t make Mail for Exchange available and force us to use Blackberry.

Ricky Cadden

Thanks for the link! Correct in the comments here, there is now a new version of BlackBerry Connect for the E90 that requires this new firmware.

However, that brings 2 important points up:
1. If Nokia is going to break compatibility with an existing app, shouldn’t they let users know ahead of time, particularly such a business-critical app
2. Nokia has previously announced that the E66/E71 would not be getting a BlackBerry Connect app. If they could update the E90’s, why not update it for compatibility with these new phones, too?


I see the download for Blackberry Connect for latest update for e90. Has anyone tested it to be working with latest update. I was holding the update because of this. If it works I am happy.

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