Nokia E90 update: so long BlackBerry Connect, hello Nokia Maps 2.0

Nokiae90communicatorNokia E90 Communicators have a week-old firmware bump waiting for them, but if you use BlackBerry Connect, you’ll want to hold off on this one. Version 300.34.84 will do away with support for BB Connect, although it does offer some new features that might interest you enough:

  • Faster screen orientation switching
  • Nokia Maps 2.0
  • Download! application updated (v 3.1.736)
  • Update for Flash Lite 3 and Flash video
  • Wi-Fi improvements
  • New baseline for VoIP
  • FLV format support in RealPlayer

If you can do without the BlackBerry support, the addition of Maps and Flash improvements might be worth it. You’ll need a PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista to make this happen through the Nokia Software Updater.

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