Microsoft Filter Pack: search document contents in Windows


Those of you who use the search bar in Vista or Windows Search in XP know the strength of powerful searching from the command line.  You may even have wished that you could search for text within your Office 2007 documents to find that nugget of information you know exists.  If that describes you then go get the Microsoft Filter Pack which allows document content searching in Vista and XP.  There are full instructions for getting this functionality at the Microsoft download site.

(gHacks via Lifehacker)



For what it’s worth, I decided to drop him a line, in a comment on his blog. He told me that he’s not even posting about mobile tech anymore, and at this point he’s moved on to blogging mostly about writers and writing.

I can’t say your comment surprises me, James. Mike is a pretty, shall we say, eccentric guy. His site’s a trip, and he makes a ton of posts a day.

Well, hopefully someday he’ll drop by and entertain us with some of his comments again someday.

James Kendrick

Nate, he got mad at us because we chose not to link to one of the posts on his blog that was off-topic for us. He apparently decided to not come here anymore, as far as we can tell.

John in Norway

Nate: I noticed that his insightful comments were missing as well.


This has absolutely nothing to do with this article. But, I figure some of the regulars may have some insight.

What happened to Mike Cane? He used to be a post machine around here. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of his comments.

Frustrated Consumer

Once Microsoft bought the ‘Lookout’ search company (I think that’s what WDS is based on now), I switched to Copernic for desktop search. The preview window is what’s key for me. No grad student should be without it!


I had to disabled Windows Search service in Vista. It seems a resource hog. Is there a way to fine tune the service? When enabled, I see CPU constantly spiking and HD spinning. There is a Vista gadget on/off switch for indexing and wonder would it help.

Qatar Boy

Same here – I am running Vista pro with Office 2007 and this option is included by default. But at the same time I can see the point if the users dont (for whatever reason) have an option to do this.

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