Google Partners with Harris, COREMedia for TV Ads


Google today announced two deals that give its Google TV Ads users access to a pool of ad inventory and integrates the service into data reporting for direct response marketers.

The first deal is with Harris Corp., which provides advertising inventory management tools like traffic, scheduling and billing systems to media companies. The partnership with Harris will allow companies with ad inventory to make that ad inventory available through Google TV Ads, where advertisers can bid on it. Once a buy is secured the ad will be handed off from Google to Harris for fulfillment.

The other deal is with COREMedia, which provides direct response advertising services and technology for planning, purchasing and analysis of direct response commercials. Under terms of the COREMedia agreement, direct response advertisers will be able to manage response and sales data for their Google TV Ads alongside their other media buys and results within CORE’s existing reporting tools.

You gotta give Google an “A” for effort. After toiling away on the DISH Network satellite service, it’s turned its attention to breaking into the TV ad game in a big way; these deals are evidence its focus is starting to pay off. They also come close on the heels of an agreement the search giant signed in September that will see it start brokering the sale of some TV ad inventory for certain cable networks owned by NBC.

Google faces competition from a number of companies looking to develop ad targeting for TV, including BlackArrow, which raised $20 million just this month, and Microsoft, which acquired Navic earlier this year.


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I bet Harris Corp is feeling good about that partnership, especially during these times. Always a plus to have a strong partner during bad economic times.

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