Asus breaks sub-$300 price barrier with Eee PC 900A at Best Buy



Let’s get the sub-$300 netbook party started! Pereira just pinged me to share this Best Buy link which shows the white Asus Eee PC 900A available for $299. This is basically the same model as the 900, but the "A" stands for Atom. As in 1.6 GHz Intel Atom. So it still comes with Linux pre-installed on the 4GB SSD drive and includes 1GB of RAM which is more than plenty. My original Eee PC was pretty zippy when running Linux with just half of that.

At one point, there was discussion of netbooks being an impulse purchase right off the shelf. At under $300, that becomes much more of a likely reality if you can find them on the shelf to begin with. I just checked stock at the nearest five Best Buy locations and sure enough, they all have ’em. Thanks for the tip, Pereira!



I bought my eeePC at Target a little over a month ago. It is not the 990A. It was a sort of an impulse purchase, I’d seen it in their circular and just had to try it out. I’m not sorry – it’s really a surprisingly capable machine. My biggest complaint is the poor battery life – about 2 hrs with the wifi on.


Not only are these little guys popping their heads up at Best Buy and Target, but the 7″ display model is being offered at the Toys R Us by my house, displayed with some nice, cutesie slip cases. Why buy your child Barbies or action figures when you can increase their productivity.


Just checking Target’s site…the website also lists MSI Winds, and HP netbooks.

Looks like we should be able to pick up a netbook just about anywhere.

=-= Hoot


just wanted to say that jkontherun got a shoutout from CNet’s buzz out loud podcast for this very story :) hope that means more traffic coming your way! Great job guys!


Just picked one up yesterday, mine says the battery is 4400 mAh, I assume this is the 4 cell battery. Also, it does not come with a Webcam. I had not problem installing regular XP Pro without using nLite, all the XP drivers are available on the ASUS site. The 4GB SSD seems to be comparable to the one on my 701, so not super fast but OK for the price.



I also saw teh eee at target. It was the 4gb ssd, 512 ram, w/ 8.9″ screen for $299. And yah, it has the atom 1.6, im pretty sure.


What size battery does this model have? The Best Buy specs page just says “Lithium ion” … Is this a 3-cell or a 6-cell? I’m guessing the 3…


@stewall – I am fortunate enough to be able to call it “research”


Damn you guys for that information – what will I tell the wife when I get home with my 8th computer.
You had better start a blog of usable excuses for buying stuff we just don’t need. I know I am not the first to suggest this – nor to blame you for spending money!!!


I just got one of these today from BBuy, it looks like a nice machine. This BBuy version of the 900A does not come with a webcam.

Greg Lester

I’ll have to run over to the Monkeyville Best Buy to check it out.

They sell computers at Target? Since when?


I also saw the $299 Eee at a local Target earlier this week. They had non-functional display models out, with plexiglass bolted over the keyboards. The better to not let you even try out touch typing on the tiny keys…?


Sumocat, there was an EEE 2G Surf for $299 which was pretty gimped. This is actually a nice deal.


I saw the Eee at Target a week ago at this price. Is it just the Atom processor model that’s new at this price?

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