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The T-Mobile G1 Is The Most Customizable Device We’ve Ever Seen; Rivals The iPhone’s Fun Factor

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imageTo get the excitement rolling for the upcoming availability of the first Google (NSDQ: GOOG) phone, T-Mobile USA has planted a number of devices in the hands of a select group of reporters, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. Over the past few days, I did my best to determine the best and worst of the T-Mobile G1. I asked is it an iPhone killer?; does it feel clunky in my hands?; is it easy to use?; is it appropriate as a work device?; is it fun?; and, most importantly, is it stable? I answered most of these questions below with the thought in mind that Apple

11 Responses to “The T-Mobile G1 Is The Most Customizable Device We’ve Ever Seen; Rivals The iPhone’s Fun Factor”

  1. i just got the gi n so far i like it but im havin lots of ptoblems wen it come down 2 savein picz 2 mi album on da phone so a lil help may b nice lol…..plz send me ur answers @ [email protected] plz n also any other great thing u may think i should know bout it …..thankz

  2. I cant seem to figure out how to take a photo from a text and store it to my phones memory. I is there even a way? but besides this i LOVE this phone, i have went thru 7 phones in less then 8 mo and im not giving this one up. Thanks

  3. i have order the g1 phone but cant wait to see it , i dnt wnt to gave any comment for that phone but knowing that first time when you launched any phone its so excitement but once its old start freezing hang on so many issues it will be the same or not , iphone have same issues first time than they launcehd new one, will g1 gave the same problem what if it the same .

  4. How do i use the shutter speed app? i don't want to delete it an i know it's useful if you want to take good pics, but no idea on how to use it :( and about all the lack of apps, when will the G1 get more? OH, and do my app downloads affect my PHONE'S memory or my SIMs memory?

  5. Hi Andrew, The speakerphone works pretty well. You can access it using a softkey. First you hit the menu key, which pops up with a number of options on the screen while you are in a call….speakerphone is one of them.
    Hope that helps,