iTunes TV Show Downloads Top 200 Million; Apple Store Now Includes HD From All Four Major Nets


Guess it’s a good thing that Apple made nice with NBC (or vice versa) so that NBC’s TV shows would be available on iTunes again, because the platform’s TV show business is booming. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has sold more than 200 million episodes in the three years since iTunes first debuted TV shows. At $1.99 a pop (the standard price although there are season passes and other deals), the shows have brought in almost $400 million for Apple and its content partners (including both broadcast and cable networks like NBC, *CBS*, *ESPN*, HBO, Comedy Central and others) to share.

Also, Apple now has inked deals with ABC, CBS (NYSE: CBS) and FOX to offer HD episodes. The company rolled out HD clips from NBC on iTunes last month, and has already sold over a million episodes. The better quality clips retail for $2.99 each, though there’s a discount for buying an entire season of some shows, as with the standard definition content.

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