Updates Arrive for Firefox and Flock Browsers


There is news today about two browsers that are very popular among web workers: Firefox and Flock. The first beta of version 3.1 of Firefox arrived last night at Mozilla.org, and is downloadable here.  We discussed some of the new features in version 3.1 on OStatic today.

This version of Firefox is just for testing and the development community for the time being. However, you may want to load it in a folder or within a virtual machine to start getting used to it.

This piece covers some of what to expect in Firefox 3.1, including a Ctrl+Tab tab switcher, complete with thumbnails so that you can see previews. This version is also slated to deliver much faster Javascript performance, although The Register is reporting that the Javascript speed boosts haven’t been implemented yet.

Firefox 3.1 also has support for many new web standards, including HTML 5, which can make many audio and video tasks easier. Check the OStatic story for more on these features.

Flock 2.0 is out of beta testing now and freely downloadable. If you don’t already use Flock, I wrote about it here. It integrates well with many social networks, ranging from Facebook to MySpace, and offers GMail integration (these features have been in place).

Among the new features in version 2.0, Flock can subscribe to media streams and make it easier for you to organize media that you access. It’s built on Mozilla’s code base–the same code base underlying Firefox. There are also new themes for Flock. This post covers many more of the new offerings.



I have not had a reason to use Flock yet myself but thanks for the update, hopefully I’ll have time to try it out.

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