Toshiba’s A600: a not-too-heavy full sized laptop


Toshibaa600Lusting after a netbook for the three-pound weight but don’t want to give up too much in terms of size? Sure, you can spend a few grand on a light-and-thin laptop like a Lenovo X301 or a MacBook Air, but Toshiba doesn’t want you to spend that much. Surely that’s why they have a new Portege A600 starting at $1,399 and weighing in at 3.2-pounds.

Maybe it’s unfair to compare the A600 to inexpensive netbooks or higher-priced notebooks that fit in an envelope, but it actually looks like a good compromise. Aside from the lower-than-average weight, it’s 1.18-inches thick at the thinnest point and it does include an optical drive. The size and weight savings partially comes from the 12.1-inch LED backlit display that handles 1280×800 resolution. It should also get decent battery life since it’s running the Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 at 1.2 GHz. That 45nm chip has a Thermal Design Power rating of 10 Watts, offers 3MB of L2 cache and has an 800 MHz Front Side Bus, so it’s not a total slouch. Intel 4500MHD graphics, 160GB drive at 5400 RPM, 3GB of RAM, 802.11a/g/n, Bluetooth, webcam, a trio of USBs (one is a combo USB / eSATA), an ExpressCard slot and VGA out round out the portable package.



Wow, 3.2 lbs for a laptop with a built-in optical is fantastic. Only a wee bit more than an Air or Thinkpad X300.


That’s a nice looking 12″ device. Add Windows XP and an extended battery and I’m in business.


Kevin thank you very much. This is a great site and i will continue to come here for mobile news and download your podcasts. Take care.

Kevin C. Tofel

JLC, I appreciate your question and take no offense by it. The site hasn’t really changed direction in that it has always covered mobile technology, first and foremost. Mobile tech is evolving faster than ever before, so the topics and devices have widened in scope to compensate. I know that James has the new HP Tablet and that we’ll hear more about it soon. Likewise I have the Lenovo X301 and a device you’ll hear about in a few hours. Tablet PCs are still mobile tech, but the fact is that the Tablet functionality is now incorporated into Vista and it isn’t growing as much as you or I might want. Will we still cover it? Of course when it merits it. At the moment however, there are other topics that are of more interest to a wider audience. I hope that answers your question, and I sincerely appreciate your asking it.


This is not a ding but an honest question for James and Kevin. Has the direction of this site changed? It’s fine it it has I just want to understand. It seems the content is focused around regular laptops, netbooks, and Apple products and not so much focus on Tablet PC’s as there used to be in the past. For example I think a 2730p has been in house for quite a while and I’ve been anxiously awaiting your review. Again please don’t take this question as a negative in any way. I think you guys are great and I have followed your site for a long time.
Thank you.

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