Samsung NC10 battery life: 8 hours? I don’t think so.

Samsungnc10Just in case you follow DigiTimes, I wanted to quickly address a claim they have on the new Samsung NC10’s battery life. I’m sure the information they were provided was either from marketing materials or someone in the Samsung PR department, but I’m not buying it. The claim I mean… the netbook looks tempting. ;)The $499 device comes with a 6-cell battery that offers the exact same power capacity as the battery in my MSI Wind. Both batteries are rated at 5200 mAh. Using XP on my Wind, I see around 5 hours of standard use and I saw slightly less when using OS X. I haven’t yet done a test on the Wind with Vista, but it’s on my to-do list and I have noticed that it doesn’t run as long.DigiTimes reports that the NC10 will “provide up to eight hours of use on a full charge.” Eight hours using a nearly identical battery and chipset as the Wind, which sees five? I’m thinking not by a long shot and would hate to see perspective buyers think they’ll get eight-hours of battery life. Even with optimizations specific to the Samsung NC10, you’d be hard pressed to see six hours. While that would be good, it’s a far cry from eight. I’m sure we’ll hear about the actual run-time via reviews in the very near future. If it does get eight, or even six for that matter, I’d consider selling my MSI Wind and replacing it with a Samsung NC10.

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