MacBooks Selling Out Worldwide

Reports are coming in that Apple’s new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are selling out in retail stores around the world.

Apple’s flagship San Francisco store reportedly had no stock as of this morning, and our own David Appleyard apparently scored the last new MBP at the Manchester Arndale store.  The London Regent Street flagship store is also announcing that they are out of stock, and calls to the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store confirm that they also have no stock and aren’t sure when they’ll be receiving any.

With flagship stores in three different countries already experiencing stock shortages, it’s clear that Apple’s new notebooks are being fairly well received by consumers, even if analysts are disappointed in the high price points of the new notebooks.  It’s not clear from these reports whether sales have been exceptionally high, supplies are short, or some combination of the two.  Another possibility is that Apple is taking a page from Nintendo’s playbook and short-stocking in order to drive up demand.  Whether real or orchestrated, the same tactic worked well for them when the iPhone 3G initially launched.

If you’ve run into any stock shortages or outages at your own local store, or if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, let us know.


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