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MacBooks Selling Out Worldwide

Reports are coming in that Apple’s new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are selling out in retail stores around the world.

Apple’s flagship San Francisco store reportedly had no stock as of this morning, and our own David Appleyard apparently scored the last new MBP at the Manchester Arndale store.  The London Regent Street flagship store is also announcing that they are out of stock, and calls to the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store confirm that they also have no stock and aren’t sure when they’ll be receiving any.

With flagship stores in three different countries already experiencing stock shortages, it’s clear that Apple’s new notebooks are being fairly well received by consumers, even if analysts are disappointed in the high price points of the new notebooks.  It’s not clear from these reports whether sales have been exceptionally high, supplies are short, or some combination of the two.  Another possibility is that Apple is taking a page from Nintendo’s playbook and short-stocking in order to drive up demand.  Whether real or orchestrated, the same tactic worked well for them when the iPhone 3G initially launched.

If you’ve run into any stock shortages or outages at your own local store, or if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, let us know.

21 Responses to “MacBooks Selling Out Worldwide”

  1. Urban Rogue

    as interesting as the blog is I am just a bit upset about it’s accuracy. I live in Toronto and have been following these new MacBooks for some time waiting to upgrade. I have been calling all Toronto area apple stores since about 5 minutes after the key note and the responce I get is they don’t even have their initial orders in until this friday.

    What I’m getting at is that SOLD OUT is completly different then just not getting stock in.

    How many other places just didn’t get the stock in yet. Although it’s not to say that once they arrive they won’t sell like hot cakes. Luckily I have my MBP on hold when it arrived.

  2. TischFreshman

    thank-you for this piece, it saved me a trip from waltzing over to Fifth and lining up for naught. i’m actually quite impressed with TAB’s/Etherington’s swift reporting of mac’s whirlwind of an event. in the last 48 hours, it’s almost been minute-to-minute updates since yesterday’s release date and they’ve kept it exciting and fresh!!!

    i feel it’s akin to tech gonzo journalism, without forfeiting accuracy. thanks!

  3. It’s a different story here in Australia there’s still plenty

    The Australia Dollar has recently dropped against the US dollar so these new Macs come with a big price hike. Macbook’s up between A$300-450 Macbook Pro’s up $A500-$A800

    It seems Apple can have their cake and It eat it, It was only in July this year that $A was worth 98 US cents but during rise of $A Australians never got any price reductions ie Macbook Pro was $1999 in US but $A2699 in Australia

  4. Bristol, UK Apple Store didn’t even get their stock in until 1030hrs GMT! And when I asked if they could sell me the 2.4GHz MB they told me they only got one and that was the demo. They then tried to sell me the lower spec MB as they had 6 of them in stock. Isn’t it usually that companies try to sell u a higher model rather then the lower model??? And when I spoke to another person in the Apple store they told me that the 6 lower spec MBs were also demos and not for sale!