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MacBook Pro Unboxing Photos

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We’ve managed to get our hands on a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro and have a collection of photos of the box, packaging and accessories.

Initial Impressions

The look and feel of the new MacBook Pro is one of luxury. The aluminum shell has clearly enjoyed hours of planning, thought and tedious design work before being unleashed. It’s hard to fault the physical make-up of the new machine, with the only arguable exception being the glossy display. From the short time I have spent using the MacBook Pro so far, the screen really doesn’t seem to pose a problem — it is by far bright enough to offset any reflection or glare.

The packaging is clearly reduced from the predecessor, but there’s still plenty of room for all the box contents. It goes to show the amount of wastage which is common in computer packaging.

We’ll spend a little time getting to grips with the new machine, and will follow up shortly with a full review.

Check out the full gallery below.

16 Responses to “MacBook Pro Unboxing Photos”

  1. Great pics. I actually went to the local Apple store to check these babies out. They look much better in the flesh (eh Metal?) then they are on the pictures! Actually they look like cheap dells in pictures but when you see them in person…wowowweee!

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  3. Believing that a glossy display is worse than a matte display is a “thinko.” Your thinking has a mistake.

    Matte displays reflect light too, but they diffuse it over large portion of the screen, so what you get is a milky, unclear view of your screen in bright light. By contrast (no pun intended) with a glossy screen, the reflections can be easily avoided by adjusting the tilt of the screen, usually by 1/4 of an inch or less. Reflections from a glossy screen are easy to get rid of. Reflections on a matte screen are not.

    Or maybe your gripe is color calibration. You might not be aware that perfect color calibration is possible on glossy screens as well; it just requires an extra calibration step to be done by the user (typically only needed for professional photographers and the like). Again, a non-issue, and in any case the glossy wins with better color saturation overall.

  4. (if applicable) Use Safari PithHelmet option ‘reload unfiltered’ (otherwise no pictures show)

    Would it be possible to show these galleries in future with a Lightbox clone that enabled clicking through the complete gallery without using the browser ‘back’ button?
    It would solve the PithHelmet problem as well …

  5. Still love my 17″ macbook pro, better keyboard and stylish. Not loving this black silver combo, though it looks good on the macbook. I’ll be good for a couple of years while this model does its run and the next generation arrives.