First Look at YouTube on the Google Phone


Craig Rubens and I had a chance to play with YouTube on the new Google Android-powered T-Mobile G1 today. Here’s a little video we made of our walkthrough, for which we also brought along an iPhone 3G. See also: Om’s review.

Our takeaways:
– The Android YouTube navigation and user interface are clean and accessible
– More information and metadata is readily available than for YouTube on the iPhone. You can even scroll through comments
– BUT…video is larger and higher-res on the iPhone screen

The glaring issue for both phones is that they don’t support video uploads. The iPhone technically does, but you have to unlock it to enable video. And the G-1 is supposed to incorporate video capture in an upcoming release, we were told at its launch event, but it doesn’t have it yet.


Liz Gannes

Thanks for the pointers to other apps.

Akash, now I remember about the MPEG4…I don’t know what codec Android is using but I’ll ask.


Liz, what codec does Android support? I hope its FLV.
Does it support high res?
The issue with iPhone is that it has to be in Qt – MPEG4 for which YouTube set up a separate transcoding flow.

And yes, not having video uploads is a bummer.



FYI, all of this better-than-iPhone YouTube functionality is already available for Windows Mobile with an app called Kinoma Play (including YouTube upload).

Even Kinoma’s free edition (Kinoma FreePlay) includes all YouTube support, olther than upload.

— Charles


Your readers may be interested in knowing that S60 smartphones can upload to YouTube via ShoZu and Share Online.

Also, third party S60 apps like <“”>emTube and MobuTubia give users the ability to save videos to their devices….

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