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Google Makes Health Portal More Accessible, Microsoft Talks HealthVault’s Progress

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) launched their competing health information storage platforms, Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault, amidst a slew of hype earlier this year, and even tried to entice users by agreeing to third-party online privacy standards in June. This week, they’re trying to jumpstart the hype again with more details about their products.

Google has built accessibility features into its health records platform, angling for Web users with sight and hearing problems. The company rolled out a new version of Google Health that it says works better for users of screen readers, self-voicing browsers and browser add-ons (like the open source Fire Vox).

Meanwhile, Keith Toussaint, senior product manager for Microsoft HealthVault, dug into some of the progress the company has made with its healthcare information and records platform, in an interview with Diabetes Mine:

User adoption (or lack thereof): When asked about user uptake, Toussaint said that the HealthVault team hadn’t faced any “big surprises,” and that they knew it was a long-haul play. “We knew going in that introducing a new type of consumer health solution is a long-term endeavor … We

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  1. berrnie greene

    I DON'T understand what type of infomation will be availble on the google
    health site for the end user like me?. plese explain the smallest i can fom on opinion on the subject.