Interview: Tribune’s Abrams On Redesign: Bringing The Five Stages Of Grief Down To Three


imageCall it Top Design Newspapers. Seven of Tribune Company’s daily metro papers have gone through major redesigns. As the Los Angeles Times overhaul nears completion, Lee Abrams is defending the choices the company made and insists that the overwhelming criticism that greeted the plans when they were announced back in June have dissipated.

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Back in July, Lee Abrams answered detractors by saying, in effect, the old model needed to be destroyed so that the newspapers could be saved. At the time, some staffers and industry said plans to slash news pages and calls for productivity measurements would be the death of the newspapers. There were also concerns that the quality of some Tribune papers


Luis Pastrulo

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digital bear

while xm/sirius are innovative ideas, i don't think it was his and it seems odd to place him in such a role at tribune.

he has sam zell on a pedestal that is out of control calling the deal a "home run" for zell. perhaps it is given zell leveraged it up so much but seriously there are no "homeruns" for newspapers as much as cost control, defending your audience and hoping that you get lots of traffic side-ways from search & portals.

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