17-inch MacBook Pro Will Be Late, Not Absent


Many noticed (and lamented) the lack of a 17-inch version of the updated MacBook Pro at yesterday’s notebook event. For those interested in Apple’s Pro line of laptops, screen real estate is a valuable commodity indeed. Designers need the space for working on large documents and layouts, and creative professionals need to be able to convey to potential and actual clients the true scope and quality of their work easily on the spot. Depending on your work product, both of these needs are hard to meet on 15 inches.

Which is why it’s good news that AppleInsider is reporting this morning that the 17-inch version of the aluminum-glass MacBook Pro is not, as some speculated, going the way of the dodo. Rumors of optical drive and display issues on the bigger MBP delaying shipment appear to be correct, and will delay its arrival until after the holiday season. Meanwhile, Apple is offering improved specs on the existing 17-inch MBP. A high-resolution 1920×1200 display, 4GB of memory, and a 320GB hard drive now come standard, with the option available to switch in a 128GB SSD.

It should be noted that the original 17-inch MacBook Pro was also delayed when the high-end laptop was initially introduced in January of 2006.  Still, Apple is staying mum on the subject of new larger Pros, in what could be interpreted as an attempt to clear existing inventory. Many retailers delay bringing new stock to floor upon initial release, hoping to catch consumers unaware of recent model changes. Best Buy is notorious for this kind of sales tactic, and often won’t display new models of some stock until many months after its introduction, depending on store location and stock levels. It would be a shrewd move on Apple’s part to leak vague claims of technical issues preventing the release, and sell off remaining inventory in the mean time, especially to corporate buyers who need the machines now and aren’t willing to wait a couple of months to make purchases.

Still, the high resolution display and bigger hard drive amount to an $150 discount in the price of the 17-inch MBP, so it’s not a bad deal if you’re in urgent need.



Отличный ресурс!!! Благодарю!!!!!!!


Mike J – The basic model isn’t availiable in a 15″ version, that was exactly ndot’s point…with which, I agree with!

Mike J

Dude the 15″ Macbook is called the Macbook Pro. If you need a 15 spend the extra couple of hundred and get the low end 15″ Pretty simple.


WHy are apple refusing to release a 15″ Macbook. I need a bigger size but the extra features on the Macbookpro!!


I have the Famous Mac Book Pro. My Pro is overheating. The left speaker where I connect the power Cord, It freezes (the whole laptop). It gets very hot and I need help to solve it. I think I have to send it to be fix. If there is a solution please help me A.S.A.P.

Michael Wisotsky

I have inside strong rumor facts from some professionals .. that the 17 inch .. is not at all about the screen… it will be evolutionary/revolutionary in the world of computer technology … I believe it is going to have “Voice Activation” and more… they are also waiting for the new significant better processor from Intel due in 2009 .. and more


@Richard Levy
I highly doubt that Apple would single out such a large industry as pro photographers just because they “don’t give a damn” about you. Instead of thinking of them as keeping you in the dark, perhaps they just haven’t decided if (or how) they are going to make the matte screen yet. It would also make sense that they are working on improving the matte screen. After all, the new glass screen is much more environmentally friendly now. The matte screen is made of different materials, so they will have to approach it in a different way. There are alot of factors to consider, other than Apple has it out for all you photographers and is willing alienating a considerable chunk of their customer base.

If worse comes to worse and they don’t make a matte screen, have you used a Mac glossy screen for your day to day work? It is amazingly anti-glare. Even in the outdoors. It might take some getting used to from your beloved matte screen, but I am sure you will manage. =)

But who knows, maybe they won’t update it at all. /shrug I guess we will just have to wait and see! As for me, I can’t wait for those 17s to hit the shelves! =D

Richard Levy

I think the real question for photographers such as myself is will the new 17″ also come with the Widescreen matte finish (non-glossy) screen. I know many don’t appreciate why photographers would want this configuration, but there those at Apple that do understand, and I’m quite surprised that they would keep mum about what their plans are in this regard. I would wait for the new 17″ if it could be special ordered with a Matte finish. But, sadly, no one knows, and Apple is basically saying that pro photographers are not important enough to us to ease their minds.

Yes, I know that we can hook the laptop up to a Cinema Display, but many of us do work in the field as well as in our studios and at home, and so carrying around a Cinema Display is not an option. In addition, working in the field, where one cannot control control glare from light sources is yet another reason to provide professionals with the choice of the non-glare screen. Our numbers may not be significant in the over all customer base, but alienating loyal customers is not exactly what I would call good thinking on Apple’s part. By not providing the non-glare choice to the new laptops, Apple is effectively telling many of us that while they understand our needs, they frankly don’t give a dam.

Tom Reestman

It also comes standard with 4GB RAM, which two days ago would have set you back another $200.

By the way, another thing Apple did yesterday was lower their 2GB upgrades to $150. Good news, now they’re only a little over 50% higher than anyone else. :-/

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