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The new Macs have landed

The Apple notebook event is now behind us and we can share the new product line with you as presented.  We had a thunderstorm roll through the area which knocked the power out for the entire event but due to the technology of batteries and EVDO I was able to follow four live blogs for the entire event.  The experience was pretty funny, sitting with no power using a notebook on 3G connectivity covering a notebook live event.  That’s mobile tech.  Here’s what was unveiled by Apple by product line:

Macbook White

Macbook_whiteThe entry level Macbook is a white plastic model that will start at $999.  Not quite the $800 notebook we were hoping for but not too bad.  The $999 will get you a 13.3-inch white Macbook with Intel processor (2.1GHz/ 800 MHz bus), 1 GB of RAM, 120 GB hard drive, SuperDrive, Intel GMA integrated graphics, Glossy display (1280×800), iSight, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Firewire, 2 USB.  This model is rated at 55 Watt/hr for 4.5 hours battery life.


MacbookThe newest Macbook is basically a 13.3-inch Macbook Pro without the Pro part and is the same brushed metal chassis, black bezel screen and the new glass trackpad (up to 4 finger multi-touch).  The trackpad has no buttons, the entire pad is pushed to click the mouse button.  The keyboard of this and all the metal Macbooks is the same black chiclet style introduced with the Macbook Air.  This new Macbook will start at $1299 which gets you a 2 GHz/ 1066 MHz bus Intel, 2 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive, SuperDrive, NVidia 9400M (256 MB), 13.3-inch Glossy screen (1280×800), iSight and all the connectivity features of the white model.  This model is only rated at 45 Watt/hr for 5 hours battery life which is too optimistic I’m sure.  I’d expect only 4 hours tops.

Macbook Pro

Macbook_pro_15The only new Macbook Pro that Apple showed today was the 15-inch model.  This is basically just like the 13.3 Macbook above but in the larger size.  The starting model of the new Pro has a starting price of $1999 you get a 2.4 GHz/ 1066 MHz bus Intel processor, 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard drive, SuperDrive, both a NVidia 9400M (256 MB) and 9600M (512 MB), 15.4-inch Glossy screen (1440×900), iSight, ExpressCard and all the connectivity options of the other models.  The new Macbook Pro is rated at 50 Watt/hr for 5 hours of "wireless productivity" according to Apple. 

Macbook Air

The Air is not changing much, primarily a bigger hard drive of 120 GB (128 GB SSD option) and a faster graphics function (NVidai 9400M).  The pricing is $1799 for the hard drive model.

Configuration options for all of the above can add hundreds of dollars at the buyer’s discretion and include the usual processor bumps, memory and hard drive bumps in size.  All of the metal Macs above come with LED backlit screens.  Interestingly, Jobs said in a Q&A after the event that the 17-inch was also being refreshed but it still has the same specs as before other than starting with 4 GB of RAM.  He also was asked about an Apple netbook and his reply was that the netbook market is a "nascent market" and that Apple doesn’t play in those.

The preliminary part of the event was showing off the new "brick" manufacturing technique that Apple is using on all the aluminum Macbooks.  They make the chassis out of a single block of aluminum and carve away everything that doesn’t look like a Macbook.  Jobs said that all systems introduced would be shipping today from the online store and in Apple stores tomorrow.  Apple also introduced a new 24-inch cinema display.

18 Responses to “The new Macs have landed”

  1. I think a choice is always preferable (glossy v matte) and the only reason glossy sells more is because it is standard, most people don’t really know the difference…

  2. @Regular Reader

    The scrap is just melted down and re-used. Aluminum is very abundant in the Earth’s crust and the most energy-dependent part of aluminum extraction is its electrolytic reduction (from Al203).

  3. Regular Reader

    I don’t consider myself an environmentalist but the idea of carving the entire frame from a block of aluminum seems very wasteful. I’m not in manufacturing so maybe my perception is incorrect….

  4. Also of note:

    – The Air is now using a standard SATA interface for the hard drive, instead of the PATA ZIP interface. The drives remain 1.8″ models, probably still only 5 mmm thick.

    – The MacBook is now missing FireWire altogether (the Pro features FW 800). Only the $1599 model features the backlit keyboard.

  5. i agree with the majority of whats being said around the web, all these years Apple has been holding off doing a complete refresh & this was the best they could do? wow, the shocking disappointment is being heard worldwide.

    it’s funny their comment about netbooks. but the real reason they wont be releasing 1 anytime soon is because Jobs has been quoted many times saying will never release another laptop that doesnt have a full size KB in his lifetime, which unfortunately only 13″ and above can do. he is in effect punishing his customer base just to not appear as a hypocrite. it’s not the 1st time something like this has happened, their arrogance is 1 of the reasons their market share is so poor.

    as netbooks soar in popularity especially in that all important youth market, and people continue to Hackintosh them. Apple will continue to lose out on millions of dollars in profit from hardware & software licensing.

  6. The new MacBook looks pretty hot. But given the economic conditions heading into the holidays, I think they needed to come in with lower prices. The 24″ LCD is interesting since it’s essentially a docking station – something Apple hasn’t offered this decade. Wish they’d also offer a 21″ model a couple hundred less. And I wonder if they’ll offer some sort of miniport->DVI adapter. I still think the MSI Wind is the OS X laptop for me… if only they didn’t colorize the ports on the side – it makes me batty.

  7. @tivoboy

    Tom’s right. Apple know’s what you need and what is best for you. Who are you to decide what you want or need? Obviously, you’re not good enough to be an Apple customer (you probably wanted a second trackpad button too, huh?).

  8. While they pushed out a bunch of crap ($900 24″ monitor, minimal USB ports on everything, same stupid MBA at 5 times the price of a netbook, etc), I’m really intrigued by the new macbook. I always wanted a thinner, lighter macbook with an aluminum enclosure and a dedicated GPU and they finally produced one for $1299 (the old 12″ powerbook used to retail for $1699). I’m not in the market for a notebook at the moment (have a 2-year old laptop and a new netbook), but I would definitely look into it next time around.

    And the Apple comment about BluRay being a “sack of hurt” is a bag of crap. They just want to increase their hold on media distribution with ITMS.

  9. Tivoboy,

    So you’re saying that Apple, who knows exactly how many glossy vs. matte MacBook Pros they have sold, decided to go glossy though the whole world was buying matte?


    This is all personal preference, of course, but to me matte screens are dull, boring, and lifeless. If I need to, I can reposition a glossy screen to address glare, but there’s NOTHING I can do to a matte screen to make it brighter and more colorful.

  10. I simply CANNOT UNDERSTAND why they would introduce their TOP MODEL, the MBP and have it only available with a GLOSSY screen. Don’t they know from reading 1000000’S for forum threads about peoples lack of interest in flashy, glossy, eye strain producing glass screens?

    Just lost another customer apple

  11. Too bad the Air didn’t get a removable battery. I might have considered it if it did. The Air refresh isn’t shipping until early November, which is unlike all of the other models which as you said, can ship today and will be in stores tomorrow.