TAB Welcomes: Tom Reestman

This is where I’m supposed to write a bunch of stuff about who I am and why you should read my articles until your eyes bleed.

You can read something about me on my author’s page, but here is much more detailed and specific information:

  • I live in a house.
  • The house is in a big city.
  • The big city is in an even bigger state within the US.
  • I have a cat.
  • The cat is fat.
  • I work in some sort of technical capacity with software.
  • I write quite a bit for work, for fun, and now on the Apple Blog.
  • Got my first Mac in ’89. There is currently an iMac, MacBook, Time Machine, Airport Express, two iPhones (original), iPod touch, and three iPods in the house.
  • The cat is still fat.
  • I like to work on computers and read numerous news feeds.
  • Until last January I’d had at least one PC in the house for 15+ years; I know Windows quite well.
  • My daughter has a fish. The fish is not fat. It’s the cat that is fat.
  • My daughter has her own bedroom. It’s a wreck. Actually, I’ve seen wrecks that look better.
  • I have an office. It’s spotless.
  • My daughter is a good student.
  • Did I mention the rather copious amounts of poundage the cat has accumulated?

Perhaps there will be more later. Honestly, though, after the way I just bared my soul to you how can you not want to come back and read my stuff again and again? I welcome, appreciate, and enjoy any and all comments on what I write.