New version of eReader for iPhone released


EreaderMy favorite ebook reader by far is eReader for the iPhone and they just released another new version free for the taking.  Version 1.3 adds several new features, the biggest for me is adding bookmarks.  Just tap in the upper right corner just like other platform versions of eReader and you get an instant bookmark to save your place.  There’s also a new setting to allow the ultra-thin status bar to remain visible in full screen mode so you can now see the time and the battery level all the time if you wish.  Other new features and improvements:

  • The ability to display the status bar while in full-screen mode.
  • The ability to add bookmarks.
  • The ability to add and edit notes.
  • The ability to highlight text.
  • The ability to sort the on-line bookshelf by Title, Author, or Purchase Date.
  • Numerous reference book improvements.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Enhancements for downloading books including a direct connection to the eReader Mobile Site.

eReader just keeps getting better and better and I am very pleased with this new release.

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Ben — you can’t read mobipocket books on ereader, unfortunately (to answer for James here). I used mobipocket for a long time (on my S60 phones), so when switching to ereader i had to start over.

I believe there are some not-so-legal ways to erase the drm on mobipocket files, which could then be used in ereader, but i haven’t looked at it too closely.


Ben Smith


Do I remember correctly that you used to use MobiPocket Reader? If so, are you able to read your MobiPocket books using eReader on your iPhone or did you have to start all over?

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Awesome, it’s funny how that title bar thing can make such a difference, but that’s something that i’ve been wanting in eReader since I got my iPhone.


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