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John Hodgman’s BBtv Superfans: The Best Advertising

Say you’ve got a new book to promote. You could go to the time and effort of creating a unique web presence — or you could team up with a popular web series to help you out. John Hodgman took the latter approach, thanks to his preexisting relationship with BoingBoing TV.

The actor/writer/Daily Show correspondent has made several previous appearances on BBtv, including serving as the host of semi-regular feature SPAMasterpiece Theatre. But today’s episode of the daily series, according to host Xeni Jardin, is NOT, of course a book promotion. They’re just chatting about Hodgman’s newest book, More Information Than You Require, while holding copies of the book… In front of a giant pile of more books…

Hodgman has always been a fairly accessible cult figure (his Twitter account keeps fans posted on his everyday happenings plus special events like appearing at the Emmys). Thus, the episode’s reliance on Twitter-submitted questions is a perfect fit, allowing Hodgman to engage with fans as well as introduce newcomers to his unique sense of humor.

There will be a few more Hodgman BBtv specials before the book’s release on Oct. 21, according to Jardin, who does explicitly state that this is an unpaid promotion for Hodgman’s work. Free advertising! Aspiring authors, therein lies the secret to success: acquire some famous fans, then use their passion for your promotion.

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