Control that whiny Acer Aspire One fan with freeware


Picture3I’m in a freeware mode today, so bear with me. After finding a free utility to put the unread e-mail count in my Mac menu bar, I see that Mobility Site is sharing software specific to the Acer Aspire One I owned for two weeks. Although the fan noise didn’t bother me, others in my house kept asking me what that annoying whine was. To be honest, some of the whining was me but since my family is used to that noise, we all concluded it was the AAO’s fan.Enter the aptly-named Acer Aspire One Fan Control application that supports both Windows XP and Vista on the Aspire One. There’s not much info other than the picture and since I returned my Acer, I can’t tell you much more. However, I can put two and two together to safely assume that the app lets you configure when the fan kicks on or off based on the internal device temperature. Yup, I’m a real rocket scientist. ;)



I’m having noise problems with my fan too. You could get used to it, but when you shut down the computer, and silence takes over, makes you think of how to get rid of that fan :)
To me, studying in a quiet public place is the issue. Everyone in the room knows when my computer is on. :)

Le Tigre

hey, this is not one of the “mine is working propperly” comments,

but I’d really like to know, if there are so many people having problems with their fan beeing to loud…


The fan control app works well as far as controlling the fan from running all the time, but in my case it leads to the following warning being written to the WinXP System Event Log dozens of times a minute:

Type: Warning
Source: ACPIEC
Category: None
Event ID: 3
Description: DeviceACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware returned data when none was requested. This may indicate that the BIOS is incorectly trying to access the EC without syncronizing with the OS. The data is being ignored.

It doesn’t seem to do any harm, but it must affect performance somewhat.

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